Tim Chaplin

09 March 2015

Using the shell/terminal is faster than selecting, right clicking, and using tools like tourtise git.

This is a quick cheat cheat/reference for when you want to type and not select.

For the full reference and docs go to the Git site.


Stashing allows your uncommited changes to be stashed away. This allows your current working branch to return to last committed changes. you might want to:

  • Create a new branch with your stashed changes
  • Pull the latest source, but not commit your changes

Here is the command:

git stash


Branching allows your code to continue to move forward without independently of other codes.

Create New Branch

git branch MyFeatureBranch

Checkout to new branch multiple commands

git branch MyFeatureBranch
git checkout MyFeatureBranch

Checkout to new branch single command

git checkout -b MyFeatureBranch